Before Us [single]

by Duncan Alex



©2016 d. wheeler

i wish i may, i wish i might
have the wish i wish tonight
it is the dusk, it'll soon be night
darker than the iris of your eye

slip into the hourglass
a thousand years, the time will pass
all we know a grain of sand
and all we love is suffered by our own hands

all we love is smothered by our own hand

a billion mouths a billion pains
drought and rains are all our banes
and we shall pray and we shall fight but
all we know is gone before the light

now i can get up on my high horse
but you wouldn't listen to me
cos i do the same thing that you do
i live and i eat and i breath

but this ain't the way we can make it
this ain't the way that we relieve
and this earth was here long long before us
and she ain't gonna cry when we leave


released February 2, 2016
Vocals (& minor guitar part): Duncan Alex
Lead guitar: Ian Davey


all rights reserved


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